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Last Revised July 3, 2009
Our goal is to present information that will be helpful and encouraging to homeschool families. These links are included here as part of that goal. While we may not agree with every detail or statement made on these links, we believe they are generally in line with the purposes of the Homeschooling Resource Center. Please be advised that when you click on any of the links below, you will be leaving the Homeschooling Resource Center website.
Although these websites were approved at the time they were added, we cannot guarantee that they will remain so. Also, some of these sites are made possible through advertising; we have no control over the advertisers that websites choose to allow on their site. If you find a link that you think is questionable from a Christian perspective, please Contact Us with the name of the link and state your concerns. Our staff will review the link and your concerns. Please be as specific as you can when explaining your concerns. As we all know, people – including fellow Christians – can have different ways of viewing things. Please look at these links as resources only and not the Gospel. Thank you for your interest and we hope you will find resources here to make your homeschooling experience easier and more enjoyable.
If you would like to submit a website for our links page, you may do so using the Contact Us form. Please note that the staff of will review the website and decide on whether or not to include it on the links page. Among the many factors that are taken into consideration is whether the website would be in competition with our paying sponsors since the links on this page are displayed free-of-charge. .
Current Events Websites with articles about current events .
EdWatch — Education for a Free Nation is full of informative articles, links to radio interviews, links to newspaper articles, and links to other resource materials. Each update is also filed under its topic. EdWatch operates at the state, the national, and the federal levels. Top EdWatch issues are separated into categories called "National" (affecting all states) and "Minnesota" (reflecting Minnesota's specific concerns).

This is NOT a Constitutional Convention. We want to restore obedience to our Constitution as it is.
       We The People Foundation for Constitutional Education exists to Protect and Defend The Constitution of The United States of America. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we are not concerned with politics or personalities in office. Our objective is to return America to its founding principles, from which the vast majority of our elected officials in both parties and all branches of our government have greatly strayed, further and further in recent years. From our perspective, our Republic is in grave danger, our Constitution hangs by a thread.

Prayer Force One — Uniting America's Praying Majority
       Prayer Force One is a national Christian ministry that seeks to unite America’s praying majority. We do not seek to unite Americans in an organization but to unite Americans in prayer for their country. You cannot technically “join” Prayer Force One, but you are asked to join them in prayer!

The Education Reporter — by Eagle Forum
       Education Reporter is a publication of Eagle Forum that supports parents' rights in education, as well as reports what's happening in education across the country.

Homeschooling Advice Homeschooling Advice and How To Tips .
Informational Websites General Information Websites .
A Piece of the Puzzle — For parents of special needs or disabled children
       "Our Mission is to create and maintain a web site where people with special needs and disabilities can access to have fun, meet others, chat, play games, and read articles."

Area Code Lookup — ® is your resource for phone area code lookups. The site was designed as an area codes locator to allow you to lookup United States area codes by state and other areas serviced under the North American Numbering Plan. They also include area code maps. If you can dial 1-(area code) and number to make a call, you can find that telephone area code listed on this web site. — Searchable Online Bible
       The Bible Gateway is a tool for reading and researching scripture online — all in the language or translation of your choice! It provides advanced searching capabilities, which allow readers to find and compare particular passages in scripture based on keywords, phrases, or scripture reference.

Conservapedia — A Conservative Alternative to Wikipedia®
       Wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization.)

       Conservapedia was founded initially in November 2006 as a way to educate advanced, college-bound homeschoolers, this resource has grown into a marvelous source of information for students, adults and teachers alike. Conservapedia has had over 97,500,000 page views and over 648,000 page edits.

Legal Advice Legal Advice for Homeschoolers
Homeschool Legal Advantage — Protect Your Homeschool Freedom
       HLA is an outreach of the Christian Law Association (CLA). They are an organization of experienced attorneys who are only a phone call away. Their attorneys provide your family with legal representation and practical advice regarding home education and compliance with homeschool laws. The CLA has served families since 1969 with resources and information. They have successfully defended over 8,000 educational freedom related cases. CLA has assembled a dedicated team of educators, experienced homeschool parents, attorneys and homeschool graduates to form a division specifically charged with protecting the rights of homeschoolers.

National Home Education Legal Defense — NHELD
Empowerment of individuals — Unity of purpose — Freedom to educate
       NHELD, LLC believes, first and foremost, in empowering individuals to act in accordance with their conscience. NHELD, LLC does not believe in blindly following the word of anyone. NHELD, LLC also does not believe in just directing families to act in unison on the basis of an opinion that NHELD, LLC has formed on its own. NHELD, LLC believes in an informed, empowered citizenry, who is able to fight for freedom effectively when necessary.

People Of Interest Christian Individuals That Have Made A Difference .
High Flight Foundation —Astronaut Col. James B. Irwin -- Historic American Hero
       The first person to quote the Bible from the Moon; Psalm 121:1: "I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the LORD ..."

       Since the beginning of time until now, only twelve men have placed their feet on another planet, the moon. Colonel James B. Irwin was one of them. His historic flight to the moon on board Apollo 15 on July 26 - August 7, 1971 was a once in a lifetime opportunity. He was the 8th man to step on the moon's surface and his flight was the first to drive the lunar rover. These astronauts have a place in history along with such famous explorers as Columbus, the Wright Brothers and others, which have changed the course of our lives.
       History books tell of his historic space adventure but do not reveal the incredible life he led after his return to earth. He spent the next 20 years of his life reaching for a higher goal, one even higher than leaving the earth's atmosphere in search of new discoveries. This adventure was to reach out to his fellow man, and help them reach their Highest Flight In Life. He traveled around the globe with his family sharing his unique experience and a message of hope and encouragement.
"Jesus walking on the Earth is more important than Man walking on the Moon."

Sites Of Interest Websites of Interest to Homeschoolers .
Creation Illustrated — 16 Years Strong as the Leading Bible-based Nature Journal
       Creation Illustrated is published quarterly (beginning in Fall 1993) as a private, nonprofit, non-denominationally-owned ministry dedicated to the eternal impact of sharing Biblical truth through the blessings of God's creation. The editors and publishers are a Christian couple, Tom and Jennifer Ish, who homeschool their daughter, Melissa, and have dedicated their lives to serving God by providing positive choices in reading material for the whole family. Readers call it, "The Christian answer to National Geographic."

ETA SIGMA ALPHA National Home School Honor Society — Founded in 1999
       "The purpose of Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society shall be to recognize and encourage scholarship among home school students. To achieve this purpose, Eta Sigma Alpha National Home School Honor Society shall provide opportunities for the development of leadership and service. Eta Sigma Alpha shall encourage the development of an intellectual climate that will stimulate the exchange of ideas and ideals, foster scholarship, and promote academic excellence. Eta Sigma Alpha shall also advocate homeschooling as a viable and successful educational methodology and act as a liaison for homeschooling to the general public, colleges/universities, and the media."

God's World News — A Solid Worldview Grounded in Truth, Wisdom, and Passion
       Biblical Worldview — It is the most important goal of Christian education. It's also the mission of God's World News monthly magazines using current events to develop Christian thinking and character. Each issue of God's World News provides engaging and challenging content written from a Biblical viewpoint.

Homeschool Alumni — The Place for Homeschool Graduates
       The homeschool movement is coming of age as thousands of graduates emerge each year.
       With our formative years having been spent outside the institutions of our contemporaries, we – as homeschool graduates – share a unique outlook on life and a distinct set of opportunities and challenges.

Homeschooling Kids Magazine — Produced Monthly by Homeschooling Kids!
       FREE Online Magazine. Homeschooling Kids Magazine is published online monthly for Homeschooling Kids by Homeschooling Kids! Some of the things they feature are articles, short stories, puzzles, poems, pictures, recipes, crafts and much more!

The Creation Museum — Special Rates Available for Homeschool Groups
       This state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life, casting its characters and animals in dynamic form and placing them in familiar settings. Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden. Children play and dinosaurs roam near Eden’s Rivers. The serpent coils cunningly in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Majestic murals, great masterpieces brimming with pulsating colors and details, provide a backdrop for many of the settings.

Sponsors Sponsors of the Homeschooling Resource Center
. — Education in the Shadow of the Cross is one of the Homeschooling Resource Center's major sponsors. offers a variety of homeschool curriculum resources, name-brand publishers, and supplemental materials at discounted prices to help you maximize your homeschool program. Their slogan, “Education in the Shadow of the Cross,” highlights their commitment to provide quality Christian homeschool curriculum. — Family-Friendly Reading has been one of our sponsors from day one. offers the best children's books for all ages and interests, all at discounted prices to help you keep within your budget. Their slogan "Family-Friendly Reading" highlights their commitment to provide quality books with Christian Values and No Surprises.

Thank You for Visiting Our Sponsors

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