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Character Matters
January 2011
Character Trait Ė Deliberate:
Check It Out. Ė What Does It Matter? Ė How Does it Count?
by Lori Coeman
Why Not Kick the Ball?
ďGo ahead, Charlie Brown. Kick the football. Iíll hold it for you,Ē challenges Lucy.

We know whatís coming next, donít we? Charlie Brown, gullible guy that he is, gears up for a run and makes a mighty kicking sweep at the air as Lucy pulls the football away at the last moment.

As he lies on the ground staring at the sky above, he thinks to himself, ďDrat, that didnít go as planned.Ē

Charlie Brown lacks quite a few life skills, one of which is being deliberate. To be deliberate means to carefully think through all the options and do something on purpose. It literally means to weigh from within intensely. From within what? Your core values, beliefs, and goals.

Being deliberate is an aspect of the fear of the Lord. This isnít the kind of fear that strikes terror in your heart, where you have to run for cover. No, this is the kind of fear that recognizes great power and ability, responds with respect and awe, and acts in conscious obedience because of it.

For Christians, being deliberate means taking the time to make decisions based on Godís character, for He is the core of our existence. Thatís why we offer the Character Matters section on this website Ė to help us develop Godís character traits in each of us and our children.

Notice that being deliberate has two aspects: consideration and action. Being deliberate requires action. Itís not just exercising the mind, considering the pros and cons of each option. Itís also applying the core values to each behavior and action. Being deliberate is demonstrating what we believe.

Throughout the Bible we are shown that our faith is to be demonstrated, not just believed. Thatís what James was talking about when he said we are to be doers of the Word (James 1:22). Believing is not enough. Our believing has to count toward something: careful consideration of how we live so that we can impact those around us in our family, neighborhood, church, community, and the world. Letís be deliberate.
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Image Credit: © Naty Strawberry -

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