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Privacy Policy
March 31, 2009
At we are very aware of our members' concerns about privacy and we respect it. Many companies today make money by selling the information they have gathered about their customers — WE DO NOT! has never and will never sell, rent or otherwise distribute any information about our members. is also very aware that we are all tired of receiving unsolicited email and postal mail. We are an Opt-in website and we send emails to those who have asked to get them — our members. We do not “SPAM” nor do we do anything close to spamming. Anyone requesting to be taken off our email list or to Opt-out can do so by using the "Opt-out" link on any of our emails or by contacting our Customer Service Department, or by filling out the Unsubscribe request on our website (which is located on the Log In page) and we will promptly remove them.

If this Privacy Policy does not answer all of your questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service Department. One of our representatives will be happy to answer your questions.

As we said above we are an Opt-in service website. If you decide to join the Homeschooling Resource Center we will ask for your email address and a username. The 'username' that you use doesn't even have to be your real name.

To “Log In” to the all you need is the 'email address' and the 'username' that you joined with. Remember you can Opt-out at any time so there is no obligation. So why not give it a try—we're sure you won't be disappointed.

Your Email Address is YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!
We do not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute the email addresses of our present or past members.'s members-only receive emails on a monthly basis or if there is an important piece of information that you may need to know that is time critical. If you have requested information or have asked a question on our website, we will respond to the email address that you gave us when you made the request.

If your emails are returned to us as undeliverable for three months in a row, we will automatically remove you from our list of members. It is therefore very important to keep your email address up to date so that you don't miss out on any of the important information and valuable offers that we send out each month. Once you have been removed you will not be able to log in to the website again until you 'Join' again.

How Our Website Works: WITH COOKIES!'s has members-only pages. This means that you have to join the Homeschooling Resource Center in order to access these pages. After you have joined and you log into this website our Web Server sets a “Session Cookie” in your computer. This allows the Web Server to recognize you each time you move from page to page. The cookie that was placed on your computer is only used to recognize that you are logged in and it is immediately erased by your browser when you close your browser or log off.

The “Session Cookie” is not used to track you in any way nor is it used to report anything other than the ID of your "Session". Without “Cookies” enabled you may browse the non-member pages of our website, but you will not be able to access the members-only pages.

We are sorry but this is the most nonintrusive way to have log in protected sections of a website. To join the Homeschooling Resource Center you only need to have a valid email address (so that the newsletters can be sent to you) and a "Username." the Username does not have to be your name. It is just a word or phrase that you can remember.

TECHNICAL NOTE: If you have disabled cookies on your Internet browser, and you log in to the website the Web Server try to set a "Session Cookie" and will be unsuccessful. When you attempt to move to a member only page the Web Server checks to see if a "Session Cookie" is active and since you have cookies disabled it will not be able to find a "Session Cookie," so it will give a message that you need to log in. If you see this happening, please enable "Cookies" or at least "Session Cookies" on your Internet browser and try again.

Other Contact or Personal Information
Since does not ask for any information about you other than your 'email address' (which we have already explained above) and a 'username' your personal information is yours not ours. There won't be any sensitive information on our website that can be stolen and you can't get much safer than that.

To Contact Us Please Click Here. We will respond to you within one business day.

Thank You for Visiting Our Sponsors

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