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Learning Goals - High School Level
Last Revised: March 10, 2009
There is no one way to homeschool.
There is no set curriculum or listing of
what must be covered at each grade.

Your goals for your homeschooling will
be based on your familyís view of education
and your childís needs and interests.

The following is a sample listing of typical
learning areas for the high school level.

Use it as a guide only. You can choose those
areas that you want to cover with your child
each year and list them as your academic goals.
Purpose of the High School Years (Grades 9-12): mastery of essential skills in all subjects; adding depth of knowledge across range of topics to broaden experience bank and understanding; and developing wisdom.

Language Arts
  • Practice application of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills in writing
  • Master basic forms of writing
  • Master self-editing and correction
  • Practice writing different forms and genre
  • Develop lifelong reading habit
  • Reading for enjoyment and enrichment
  • Practice adjusting reading speed to assignment
  • Vocabulary development
  • Practice higher order thinking skills
  • Develop appreciation of literature
  • Practice literary analysis skills
  • Master study and research skills
  • Exposure to and practice of worldview analysis
  • Exposure to and practice of critical analysis skills
  • Development of logic skills
  • Mastery of all arithmetic skills
  • Mastery of basic math life skills
  • Exposure to and practice of math concepts in Algebra, Geometry, Trig, etc.
  • Solving algebraic equations
  • Understanding deductive and inductive reasoning
  • Applying geometric skills to proofs
  • Graphing functions
  • Mastery of math applications needed for college or vocation
  • Mastery of scientific method through laboratory experience
  • Mastery of basic scientific principles and concepts
  • Practice of science concepts in four fields of science (generally, physical or earth science, biology, chemistry and physics)
  • Mastery of basic computer skills
  • Practice in computer applications
  • Mastery of geography skills
  • Mastery of timeline basics and flow of history
  • Mastery of major people and events in US history
  • Mastery of major people and events in world history
  • Continued study of historical periods of interest
  • Current events in the light of history
  • Worldview analysis
  • Understanding different governmental systems
  • Understanding different forms of society
  • Understanding different economic systems
  • Basic knowledge of economic principles/terms
  • Mastery of US governmental system
  • Mastery of structure of Bible
  • Mastery of key events, people and doctrine
  • Practice Bible study skills and methods
  • Develop habit of applying Bible to daily life
  • Exposure to and practice of apologetics
  • Develop knowledge of church history
  • Practice principles of Bible interpretation
  • Develop knowledge of theology
  • Develop lifelong habit of enjoyment of the arts
  • Develop specific talents and interests
  • Master nutrition and healthy habits
  • Develop lifelong habit of physical fitness
  • Driverís Education
  • College and/or vocational preparation
  • Community Service
Life Skills
  • Mastery of basic communication and social skills
  • Mastery of coping strategies needed for learning
  • Practice public speaking
  • Mastery of personal financial skills
  • Mastery of household management
  • Practice of household maintenance
  • Mastery of basic self-discipline skills
  • Mastery of character skills
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Mastery of basic job skills
  • Development of job-related skills
KEY WORDS: goal, objective, purpose, scope, sequence, high school
For a more detailed listing of skills by subject area see Skills Checklist - High School Level available through; one of our sponsors.

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