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Last Revised: January 1, 2009
Sample Course Description — Unstructured Course: Internship.
Course: Journalism Credit: 0.5 Grade: 10th
This is a one-semester high school English course designed to give the student practical experience in the field of journalism. The student will work as an intern for the local weekly newspaper. Assignments will include: taking classified ads over the phone, assisting in laying out block ads, writing captions, conducting interviews, researching articles, writing articles, proof-reading, and learning layout. The student will be expected to keep a weekly journal of all activities, follow the assigned work schedule, and be presentable on the job. At the end of the internship, the student will write a paper describing the experience and what was learned (minimum of 5 typed pages).
KEY WORDS: sample, design, course, description
  • none
  • assigned work schedule = 1800 points (100 points for each week)
  • interviews = 300 points (3 interviews, 100 points each)
  • articles = 500 points (5 articles, 100 points each)
  • journal = 100 points
  • course-end paper = 300 points
TOTAL 3000 points

Grades for this portion of the course will be assigned as follows:
  • 2700 - 3000 points = A
  • 2400 - 2699 points = B
  • 2100 - 2399 points = C

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